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When it comes to our dogs and our love and care for them, we always have a choice.

This choice can also occur when we see or have problems and turn them into opportunities.

Instead of simply being upset, annoyed or frustrated with our dogs behaviour, ask yourself if there’s an opportunity for you in that particular problem or problems.

Are your dogs issues actually offering you an opportunity to challenge yourself to grow, to become more?

More confident, more emotionally balanced, less anxious, less in a hurry, quicker to problem solve than to get angry? Are your dogs issues actually exposing issues for yourself that may need to be worked on? It’s rare that a lot of the dogs I’ve worked with are not reacting many times from the human’s issues and would not benefit from the human growing, challenging themselves, progressing in a positive way and developing themselves into a more healthy balanced version of themselves .

If you only look for the problem your dog is offering and not look at yourself and how you are reacting and handling the situation, then that’s all you will find is the “problem with your dog”. But if you take a deeper, more honest look at yourself, you may just see that the problems our dogs may be offering up to us as a challenge and opportunity for us to get better and become stronger, more confident leaders and may just help us resolve some of our own Issues.