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Tyson Update – February 2013

Tyson Update – February 2013

I just wanted to share an update on how our dog Tyson has been doing since having the pleasure of training with Nick from K9 Development.

I has been about 2 years since Tyson since Nick worked with myself and Tyson.

He learned all the basic commands but more importantly Nick taught us about Dog Psychology and the fact that training a dog goes beyond the standard commands of sit, stay and come.

Dogs see the world totally differently than we humans do and Nick showed us this and so much more.

For example treat training does not happen in the dog world nor do they communicate with clickers, the adapt and are very very smart and learn to follow these forms of training but even with sit, stay and come that is human psychology not dog psychology.

Dogs do not understand the true meaning of the world sit, what they understand is the tone and inflection in our voice and our body language that teaches them to sit.

Dogs are also instinctual beings while humans think on an intellectual level.

We learned so much and have also taught Tyson all of the basic commands.

To this day every time were out for a walk we go over what Nick has taught us and Tyson’s social life with and around people has improved beyond my wildest dreams.

People love him and are not afraid of him and express what a well trained and behaved dog he is.

We walk everywhere together not just isolated areas we go where we met hundreds of people on a weekly basis and he is exposed to all kinds of environments and situations on a daily basis.

I have been know to be thick skinned and sensitive to things in life but knowing where Tyson was before we met Nick and where he is now and seeing how happy he is almost brings tears to my eyes.

He can still get a bit anxious around other dogs but that is because of the dreadful life he was exposed to as a young dog He walks on a leash at all times but he is so good and well behaved around people and he loves people and people love him and we have Nick to thank for all that.

Best wishes to you always Nick keep in touch and thank you for all you have done for not only Tyson but myself as well.

I m so proud that people can read about my special rescue dog Tyson and Lilly and hopefully people will see that these can be wonderful dogs to own , all they need is the right owner to give them the proper care and love and training and they will give it back a hundred times over.

Take Care Nick and keep up the great work we would recommend you to everyone who needs training for there dog.


Mike B

Tyson’s Story

Our Dog Tyson

In early January 2010 Tyson had a few more weeks before he was to be put down. He was 57lbs of skin and bone and suffered from abandonment stress, not to mention the multiple puncture wounds and scars all over his nose over the eyes and under his chin. Every dog should have a good home so I did my part in this world and took him home with me. My assumption was that the poor boy has been through hell and back and was given no previous obedience training

So I called K-9 Development and Nick said he would help me train Tyson. In three months Tyson now trusts everyone in my family including Nick the trainer. Tyson loves my first dog Lilly and treats her like she is the only dog on earth. Now he will sit and stay to let joggers and bike riders pass with simple commands, unlike after having him a few weeks he wanted to jump out of the car while I was driving to get a jogger. Keeping in mind I will never have him off the leash in public, but then no dog should be without a leash in public. With Nick’s help Tyson has transferred his image from a dog no one wanted, to a beautiful dog every one compliments on. What I have learnt over the past 14 weeks if you can not spend 4-6 hours a day showing your dog Obedience, Companionship and affection try owning a plant or a stuffed animal, they do not require time and energy. I also have come to terms that training for Tyson is a lifetime endeavor, not to be taken without enthusiasm and the same affection for any family member. Any dog lacking companionship, obedience , and affection can be dangerous, Poor Tyson will never escape Political ignorance, and labeled a vicious breed of dog, for it is the owners of such breeds not being held accountable Give my dog Tyson a bad reputation. To date Tyson has not come close to endangering family or friends mostly because I have the time to spend with him.

Mike Beno

I just want to say what a pleasure it was getting to know Mike and work with him and Tyson. They are a prime example of just how great these dogs can be when given the chance. Tyson is a fun loving happy go lucky dog and is a pleasure to be around. Because of Mike, Tyson has a second chance at life. It also shows that Breed Specific Laws Do Not Work, Our Politician’s need to get their heads out of the sand and realize that it is not the Breed but the Owner. They should look at punishing the Deed not the Breed. No Dog is born and has the idea that when they are older they are going to bite or attack a human being. The dog becomes this way because we humans have done something to alter their behavior. Why don’t they put more effort into cracking down on Puppy Mills and introducing even tougher laws for anyone who harms or kills an innocent animal. No they would rather ban a breed and make it look like they are doing something in the interest of the people. If they did their research they would find that the majority of dog bites are by dogs that are under 30lbs. Again, Tyson thanks to Mike, is one of the lucky ones and I hope there are more Mike and Tyson’s out there because these dogs can be a true joy to be around when handled and cared for properly

Thanks again Mike,

Nick Howchuk Trainer / Instructor