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When we have a dog that chews on our stuff, it can be very annoying and destructive. Everything from your favourite shoes, cables, and even our all important mobile phones. Some dogs just can’t stay away from chewing. This habit can not only be annoying for us, but dangerous for our dogs. While it can be difficult for your dog to stop chewing, it’s easier when you know what the issue is that might be causing it.

Below are 5 reasons your dog might be chewing your stuff and how to get him or her to stop.

1. Puppy Habits:

When dogs are young puppies, they can’t resist putting everything in their mouth. They want to explore and learn the world around them. If your dog is a puppy and is chewing, you probably don’t need to worry. Dogs usually outgrow this habit as they get older. What you can do is make sure important or even dangerous things are out of reach. You could also take this time to work on training and use your authority and divert it to a dog chew or toy and keep them from having this habit later in life.

2. Anxiety:

Do you notice that your dog is doing this when you’re not home? If so, the cause might be separation anxiety. If this is the case, you need to do a little more work to correct the issue. When you leave your home, make sure you’re not looking at, touching or talking to your dog. This makes it easier for you to leave and will keep them feeling more calm. You should also try to have your dog well exercised before you leave so they are tired out and won’t have nearly as much energy to be anxious.

3. Lack of Entertainment:

Many dogs start to chew on things out of pure boredom. If they haven’t exercised or been mentally stimulated by training that day or don’t have the proper entertainment when you’re gone, they might turn to chewing as a source to release that energy. Make sure you leave some challenging dog toys for your dog to play with when you’re gone. Interactive dog toys are great for this. Also be sure your dog is getting enough play time with you and you’re taking long daily walks.

4: Natural Instinct:

Many dogs purely by nature enjoy chewing on things. It is a part of their blood and their background as an animal. The key is to give them items to chew so they don’t get into items that should not be chewed!! Redirect the habit to other items such as chew toys, bones, bully sticks and so on. Whenever you do catch your dog chewing on a shoe or other item they should not be, calmly correct your dog and give an alternative instead.

5. Nutritional and Physical Health:

Sometimes your dog can be suffering from nutritional deficiency which can lead them to want to eat things that aren’t in their food. There can also be other medical or physical issues that cause this. If you notice your dog suddenly doing this and aren’t sure what else it could be, it is worth asking your vet about it.

The overall key to correcting your dogs chewing is to be consistent . Consistent with body language and being calm, yet assertive and consistent exercise and mental stimulation in form of training and eating routines. If you do these things, eventually you should correct the issue.

Good luck and I hope these five reasons and tips on how to solve this issue help.